Professor Seán Keogh
CEO and Medical Lead
Seán is a UK and Australasian trained and accredited Consultant in Emergency and Retrieval Medicine with 24 years of frontline air rescue, Emergency Room and major disaster experience. He holds additional postgraduate Fellowships in both Medicine and Surgery and is one of only 83 doctors worldwide to hold a Fellowship in Immediate Medical Care from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He is a veteran ATLS, ALS, APLS and MIMMS instructor, as well as an ALSG instructor-trainer. Seán also holds an executive MBA from London Business School.
Neil Allen
Founder, InflightER

In 2011 Neil’s vision of producing a premium quality, cost-effective, fully compliant and extensively equipped medical jet offering led to the inception and creation of Capital Jet Resources and the development of the IAI Westwind 1124 InflightER jet platform that is integrated into the Australian Air Medical service today.

He provides leadership and overall responsibility for all aviation issues relating to Australian Air Medical operations.
Grant Williams
GradDip (ICPP) GradCert Aeromed
Chief Operations Officer
As a senior rescue-trained Intensive Care Paramedic and Special Operations Officer with Queensland Ambulance Service, Grant has been exposed to providing emergency clinical care in many of the most challenging environments Australia has to offer.

Grant’s experience also extends to the natural resource sector in the role of Senior Clinical Consultant, advising staff and management on best emergency care practice in remote environments.
Capt. Ron Booth
Chief Pilot
Ron has 35 years experience as a Chief Pilot, Training Captain, Check Captain and Fleet Manager and holds an Australian, Singaporean and Swedish ATPL. He has flown many types of turboprop, jet and rotary wing aircraft including the Airbus-320 for major Australian and foreign carriers.

He has exceptional experience flying the InflightER Westwind and has accumulated in excess of 23,500 flying hours during his career, the vast majority in multi engine aircraft. Ron brings an exceptional knowledge base of Asian, Australasian and Pacific flight operations.
Ruth Northcott
Director of Finance & HR
With a Bachelor of Business degree majoring in Accounting and a Masters in Business Administration, as well as a Masters in Management specialising in Human Resource Management and Membership of the Australian Human Resource Institute, Ruth is ideally placed as GeoMed’s Director of Finance and Human Resources.

She has previously operated in deputy CEO roles and as Finance and Administration Manager for medium sized companies in Central Queensland, and as Clinical and Human Resource Manager for CareFlight Medical Services.
Ingrid Schmaal
Aviation Safety Manager
Ingrid is the critical link with CASA responsible for securing the InflightER Aircraft Operators Certificate (AOC), and has been responsible for developing all operations and compliance material to satisfy the AOC requirements. She is also Administration Controller and QA Manager – CAR30 Aircraft Maintenance Organisation.

As well as holding a Diploma in Civil Aviation and working as a Grade 1 Flight Instructor with the Australian Aviation College, Ingrid has had a long career flying ...
Ian Meyer
Flight Examiner and Check Pilot
Ian is a highly experienced pilot who gained his Commercial Licence 40 years ago and has held his ATPL for 25 years. Flying the Westwind since 1980, he has held Training and Check Pilot approval on this aircraft since 1986, and has held Check Pilot approvals continuously since then. There are few pilots worldwide with Ian’s experience of the Westwind.

Ian has flown many types of airliners internationally, including the B727 and the Airbus 319, and has held Chief Pilot approvals with several airlines over the last 4 decades. He has extensive experience with international medevac operations, ...
Col Robshaw
Commercial Manager
Col’s healthcare career began over 38 years ago as a NSW Paramedic, progressing to become one of the two original NSW ambulance Special Casualty Access Team officers trained to cope with the most difficult of casualty rescues. Following a period with CareFlight NSW as a base manager, he took on the role of Operations Control Officer for NSW ambulance, coordinating and controlling the response of over 600 ambulance teams and dispatching up to 1000 tasks per shift in the Sydney region. Switching to an operations control role within the NSW Medical Retrieval Unit, Col delivered a range of critical primary and ...