Clinical and aviation safety underpin our entire operation. Australian Air Medical has the most mature air medical clinical governance system in Australasia, developed over several years by our medical lead and refined for our jet air ambulance operations, with an extremely strong governance ethos running through the entire Company. Aviation safety is no less stringent, with our aviation safety leads supervising relevant air operations, and ensuring adherence to all Company and CASA regulations.

All Australian Air Medical Physicians are Fellows of the Australasian Colleges of Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care or Anaesthetics and credentialed in retrieval medicine and pre-hospital care, or are international equivalents or senior trainees in these specialties, and all have previous and extensive experience in the air retrieval of ventilated ICU patients.

All case records are completed and submitted electronically immediately on task completion via our iPad Zoll ePCR system and routine auditing of all clinical cases is completed by our medical lead within 24 hours of mission completion, with a report to our customer within 48 hours. There is a strong emphasis on clinical transparency and a robust adverse event reporting system, supported by an iPad-based governance resource pack designed by Australian Air Medical to enhance access to advanced clinical information and Standard Operating Procedures in flight, including via our aircraft’s broadband network.

Regular one-on-one and group teaching and training for all clinical staff is mandatory and based on scenario and equipment teaching rather than didactic lectures, with an extensive task practice programme including daily procedure checks such as Rapid Sequence Induction simulations being routine.

Our flat internal staffing structure enables easy access to our CEO for all staff in order to flag safety or quality issues early.