The Australian Air Medical InflightER jet is the only air ambulance jet in Australia approved by CASA to carry stretcher patients weighing 98kg or greater.


Air medical providers performing Inter-Facility Transfers almost always know their patient’s weight prior to transport. Our InflightER air platform carries two Spectrum Aeromed 1203 bariatric stretchers on a custom made bariatric base built into our jet fuselage and rated up to 230kg per patient, making it the only jet air ambulance in Australia specifically approved by CASA to carry patients weighing greater than 98kg.

This true bariatric jet air ambulance capability is unique and is a key and critical differentiator for the Australian Air Medical InflightER service compared to all other jet air ambulance services in the country.

Our InflightER jet platform utilises a further two unique features which enhance bariatric capability:

»   A novel trunk sling system to facilitate the loading of patients with high girth measurements through the aircraft door

»   A unique ‘no-lift’ stretcher loading system – the lower edge of the Westwind door sits less than 0.5m above the runway, with the ‘no-lift’ loading system height above this and identical to that of an ambulance Stryker stretcher height option for patient unloading, with the result that minimal manual handling of the stretcher is required to load into the aircraft, whatever the patient weight, with no change in height needed and no hydraulic or manual lifts. This has major provider WHS and patient safety benefits