Australian Air Medical flies the InflightER Westwind II Critical Care jet air ambulance platform, the most cost-effective jet air ambulance in Australasia. With a maximum range of 2700nm (5000km) and a maximum speed of 470 kts (868 km/h), this high performance and spacious aircraft is perfectly suited to the air medical role, and it is also the only jet air ambulance in Australia approved by CASA to carry patients exceeding 98kg in weight on its Spectrum stretchers and custom made stretcher bases.

All medical outlets are wall rather than aisle mounted allowing easier crew movement around the aircraft and a safer environment in an emergency, with clear aisles a CASA requirement during take off and landing. Our jet also offers an independent medical power supply, resulting in no requirement for engine power to operate medical equipment while on the ground. This capability is vital when transporting ventilated critical care patients.

The Westwind II air ambulance is capable of creating a sea level cabin up to an altitude of 28,000 ft. and easily accommodates 3 passengers and dual stretchers or dual neonatal humidicribs, or 5 passengers and a single stretcher. An advanced avionics suite includes TCAS – Traffic Collision Avoidance System and TAWS – Terrain Awareness and Warning System, RVSM – Reduced Vertical Separation Minima and RNAV10 – Oceanic Performance Based Navigation plus multiple other RNP qualifications. The aircraft is ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) compliant and has real-time satellite tracking worldwide.

Aircraft connectivity is class leading and includes Swift Broadband with cabin WAP, VOIP, Wi-Fi, dual satellite phones, cabin to cockpit intercom and Telstra Next-G relay station allowing phone usage in the cruise when in range.

A 12-person life raft is always carried in the aircraft and creature comforts for longer trips include cold galley facilities with chill box and a full-privacy flushing toilet.