Australian Air Medical has been established and shaped by a unique group of individuals, each with well over 20 years of high-level retrieval medicine and aviation industry experience, producing a formidable team. Brought together with the common goal of developing an international jet-based medical retrieval service from the ground up that has clinical safety and quality, aviation capability and value for money at its core, the group focus is clear – professional jet air ambulance and commercial aeromedical retrieval of the very highest quality, guided and supervised by credentialed Consultant Retrieval Physicians and by aviation leadership of the highest calibre, fully compliant with national and international aviation regulations, and with our patients and customers at the heart of everything we do.

Tightly integrating the very best and most advanced medical care with the most capable, versatile and cost-effective jet air ambulance platforms in the region, Australian Air Medical has produced a single service with unique capabilities, second to none in Australasia.

Utilising the InflightER Aircraft Operators Certificate means that, unlike most air ambulance companies, we have the choice of utilising our aircraft or those of our trusted aircraft alliance partners, meaning we are always ready to fly, resulting in lower costs and, with a response time of 1 hour or less when required, no delays in tasking. In a business where time attracts human as well as financial costs, this advantage is fundamental to what we do. With our model for growth centred on the expert retrieval of patients rather than diversifying into other business sidelines, our mission focus is clear - providing our customers and patients with the best jet air ambulance and commercial repatriation service possible.

Australian Air Medical now operates out of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and, with the class-leading range of our aircraft, destinations throughout the Pacific, Asia, the Middle East and Europe are now within our reach, and we are within yours.